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Extermination Falcon is a leading Montreal pest control and exterminator services company. With over 30 years of experience helping homeowners and companies get rid of pest infestations, we are comfortable saying that we have done a good job at pest control throughout Montreal since we first opened our doors.

You can rely on the experience at Extermination Falcon and our certified technicians to help control even the worst pest, bug and rodent infestations you may be dealing with.

Pest prevention in homes and businesses is a top priority for all of us. Most people understand the basics of keeping things tidy to prevent pest infestations. However, when pest problems do arise and suddenly things look like they may have gotten out of hand, most people find themselves over their head. Simply said, most people are not aware of all of the things that can be done to prevent the spread of pest infestations furthermore the advantages of having a professional exterminator asses your situation. As the adage goes, better safe than sorry!

Our clients agree that they are far better served by a professional exterminator then trying to tackle any challenges on their own. If something seems unordinary, you know it is time to call an exterminator for assistance.

Why use the exterminator services at Extermination Falcon?

While some people would try to carry out some basic pest control measures themselves using pest control products, it is safer and more economical in the long run to let an exterminator services company handle this type of work.

Why not do it yourself?

We are pest treatment specialists

1. Our certified exterminator service technicians will provide you with the analysis of a trained exterminator. There is no guess work in their assessment of your problem.
2. We always arrive in unmarked vehicles so as to assure your discretion is respected.
3. Our technicians quickly identify the particular pest problem you are dealing with and recommend the best course of action available while considering control and treatment of the problem as quickly as possible.

Extermination Falcon has the experience to solve your problem quickly, affordably and effectively.

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Over 30 years of pest control treatment in Montreal is not by chance

Montreal Pest Control ServicesCelebrating our 30th anniversary, we offer all of our clients a free no obligation price quotation and clear explanation of the particular problem before any commitment on your part. Our approach consists of firstly considering all environmental means of reducing risk. If pesticides are necessary, we use only the smallest amounts of the least toxic materials in the safest way possible. This transparent approach forms the basis of our pest treatment and control. We have operated this way for the last 30 years and will continue to provide clear explanation of our services for the next 30 years.

The costs of neglecting pest issues

Pests, bugs, and rodents are all public enemy number one when it comes to safeguarding the structural integrity of your home or business. Combined, they have been estimated to cause millions of dollars each year in damage to structures across the city. Thanks to their voracious appetites and ability to destroy the materials that hold our homes or businesses together, neglecting pest issues is a costly affair!

Not only do a variety of pests eat through structural frames, but pests can also have a significant impact on things inside your home or office. If left untreated, an infestation of one sort or another can lead to problems such as ruining books, paper, clothing, and other items of value that simply cannot be easily replaced.

The truth is that a pest infestation can cause significant amounts of irreparable damage in a very short period of time if left untreated.

Transmission of disease

Worse than material damage that can be caused by pests is the fact that many pests carry diseases that can be transmitted to you, your children and even your pets. The steps you take at the first sign of any pests around your home are vitally important to preventing an infestation outbreak and protecting the investments made in you home or business.

Our exterminator services work!

Extermination Falcon understands how devastating a rodent, bug or pest infestation can be and so we provide the best quality exterminator services in Montreal. Trusting Extermination Falcon to treat and handle your pest treatment needs is an assurance that your home, your family, your business and your reputation will remain protected.

With our comprehensive approach to pest control that includes; accurate identification of the insect, a quality, hazard-free pest, bug, vermin and rodent treatment process and follow up, we ensure that your home or office is no longer vulnerable to future infestation.

Humane pest treatment methods

  1. If you do have an infestation, we will first carry out a comprehensive survey and then discuss the available options for pest treatment including an estimation of the cost and timescale.
  2. We employ a range of treatment methods including baiting, trapping, spraying and proofing, and we try to deal with infestations as humanely as possible.
  3. Once the infestation has been eradicated we will give you advice on any preventative measures that should be carried out to avoid or minimize the chances of another occurrence.

Bug, rodent and pest treatment

Household pests like bugs and rodents can harm your health, damage your property and cause unnecessary stress and worry. The best advice we can give you is not to ignore the problem, but to deal with treating the issue immediately.

Identifying pests and knowing how to deal with them can be difficult. However, we provide a pest identification page should you wish to identify the pest yourself.

You can rely on the experience and professional service of our pest control specialists to properly treat pesky pests and solve the most common pest problems.

Most common pest infestations in Montreal

Below is a list of the most common pest, bug and rodent problems plaguing home and business owners across the city.

Bedbug infestations

Bed bugs are 7-mm long are brown with antennae and are as flat as a sheet of paper. They can squeeze into tiny gaps easily. Bedbugs live in wooden furniture, bed frames and mattresses and come out at night to feed on our blood. They are attracted by warm human bodies and the CO2 we give off while we sleep. Bedbugs may cause itching, sleepless nights and possibly allergic reactions.

Dealing with an bed bug infestation can be difficult since these creatures hide in small crevices. Bedbugs are one of the most difficult pests to exterminate, all the furniture in a bed bug treatment must be thoroughly inspected. To completely rid your home or business of this problem, you will need a professional bed bug exterminator.

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Cockroach infestations

Cockroaches rank as one of the most common and nauseating insects on the planet. They can carry disease, produce a horrible scent and their feces irritate those with asthma and eczema. Cockroaches love built up areas and hide in hollow wall or ceiling voids, garbage and furniture. To prevent cockroaches from getting into your home, exterior openings such as cracks and crevices should be sealed at all times and you should refrain from leaving food and garbage exposed. Hire a professional cockroach exterminator to deal with an infestation.

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Rat & mouse infestations

According to the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA), rat infestations rose in 2008/2009, they recorded 378,000 cases, 15% more than in previous years. Rats not only cause damage by gnawing wires, furniture and insulation in your home, they also pose a very real health risk.

A recent report by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) finds that brown rats are infected with 13 different parasites and human disease agents. These include mites, fleas, lice, and zoonotic agents (diseases passed from animals to humans) such as tuberculosis and salmonella.

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Ant infestations

Ants will normally nest in the garden but enter your home searching for food. Making sure none is available helps prevent their spread. The good news is that ants are easily exterminated once the nest has been located.

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Carpenter ant infestations

Carpenter ants are one of the most common structural pests found in and around the home. They are attracted to wood which has been exposed to moisture. Carpenter ants tunnel and make nests in soft wood.

Bee, wasp and hornet infestations

Some bees, wasps and hornets prefer to nest in walls, others in sheds or lofts, but most aren’t aggressive. Bees are important for pollination and food production, and should not be harmed or their nests destroyed, whenever possible. Wasps and hornets are more aggressive than bees and usually construct nests (which look like papier mâché) in wall cavities. To deal with these pests, the nest must be destroyed which can be dangerous. Do not risk doing this on your own, better to hire a professional.

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Pest management for: Commercial, industrial and institutional buildings

In commercial, industry and/or institutional buildings, the lack of proper pest management extermination services can lead to an entire shut down of a business resulting in downtime, lost revenues, damage to reputation and worse complete closure of your business place. When a bug infestation takes place at your business place, it can cause irrevocable damage to your companies reputation leading to potential business loss.

Our company offers a full range of pest management services for businesses throughout the greater Montreal area. Whatever the size of your business we can provide specialized pest control management and treatment solutions tailored to your businesses specific requirements.

Reliable pest infestation services

At Extermination Falcon we offer a no-obligation pest infestation quote before there is any commitment on your behalf. Our approach consists of environmental consideration, reducing risk, using the smallest amounts of toxic materials and prevention of recurrence.

Household pests can harm your health, damage your property and cause unnecessary loss of reputation. The best advice to dealing with any bug or rodent problem is to trust the 30 plus years of experience of exterminator service to quickly deal and get rid of annoying pests.

Properly identifying pests, knowing how to deal with them effectively and assuring a future infestation does not occur is the best way to get rid of any and all pests.

An affordable exterminator services specialist in Montreal

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