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It is crucial to call an exterminator in Montreal-North at the first sign of any pests or parasites to prevent any infestation from occurring and to protect your family, your customers as well as your residential and commercial property.

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Extermination Falcon offers professional quality pest management services because we know the basics of a parasitic infestation.

Our approach is one of the most comprehensive & exhaustive:

1) We begin by thoroughly inspect the premises;
2) We then identify your exact pest problem;
3) We carry out an extermination of the highest quality;
4) Then we follow up to make sure your building is no longer vulnerable to infestations.

Why contact one of our exterminators in Montreal-North?

  • - More than 30 years of experience
  • - Free estimate and respected
  • - Anonymous and discreet vehicles
  • - Experienced and certified professionals
  • - 24/7 emergency service
  • - Written guarantee and best price!

We are confident that you will not find a better exterminator in Montreal-North with more experience or a more affordable price than Extermination Falcon!

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Our extermination method

  • 1.We undertake a comprehensive study of the situation before discussing options for managing the problem and eradicating insects or rodents. We also estimate the costs with the schedule of the procedures.
  • 2. We use a variety of methods to manage the situation, including baiting and trapping, spraying products, and using insect or rodent control agents, all done in the most humane way possible.
  • 3. Once the insects or rodents have been eradicated, we explain to you the preventive measures to be used to avoid or limit any new infestation.

Commercial Exterminator in Montreal-North

A badly managed pest infestation can result in a business closing its doors to the public due to negative reputation and lowered patronage.

When it comes to your own business, it's your reputation that's on the line, avoid heavy losses by assuring you manage your pest problem efficiently.

No matter what type of business you have or the type of business you have, we offer a host of commercial pest control services in Montreal-North and special packages designed to meet your businesses specific needs.

Commercial Exterminator

Common insect and rodent problems frequently encountered in Montreal-North and surrounding areas

Bed bug infestations

Since these small critters can lodge in the smallest openings, their extermination can be a challenging task!

Be sure to inspect and treat all of your furniture, beddings, clothes and other favourite bed bug hiding places. Bed bugs are among the most difficult pests to exterminate, and so you are best to use a professional bed bug exterminator in Montreal-North to properly get rid of them.

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Cockroach infestations

In order to prevent these insects from entering your home, be sure to caulk any cracks and openings that lead to the inside of your home and always be sure to cover your food and not leave your waste outdoors or in the open.

Use the services of a cockroach exterminator in Montreal-North to help you with this type of infestation.

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Mouse & rat infestations

In addition to damaging cables, furniture and insulation, mice and rats pose a real health risk. A recent report by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) found that brown rats carry over 13 different kinds of parasites and human pathogens, including mites, fleas, lice and zoonotic agents. (diseases transmitted from animals to humans) such as tuberculosis and salmonella.

Use the services of a mouse exterminator in Montreal-North to help you with this type of infestation.

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Ant infestations

Ants usually build their beds in gardens, but they can also enter the house to look for food.

Be sure to always keep your food safe. To eradicate ant infestations, extermination products are needed.

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Bees, wasps and hornet infestations

To get rid of these insects, their nest will inevitably have to be destroyed. This can be a pretty perilous venture so we strongly recommend that you delegate this task to a certified wasp exterminator in Montreal-North.

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Emergency extermination services offered in the city of Montreal-North:

  • Emergency 24/7 on-call service
  • Exterminate and control insects and rodents
  • Preventive treatment
  • Monthly contracts available
  • Extermination products

We have aggressive and effective pest control programs for all your needs for exterminating cockroaches, rodents, and bed bugs!


Noxious insects can damage your health, damage your property and cause unnecessary hassle.

Our on-site technician exterminators in Montreal-North will be able to correctly identify the insects or rodents in question and will use the most appropriate extermination procedure.

For all your pest management needs, do not hesitate to contact Extermination Falcon for a free estimate and no obligation.