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We carry a wide range of insecticides & pesticides at our store

At Falcon Extermination, we always consider the strongest insecticidescand pesticides when performing extermination services. If there is a need to use harsher chemicals and or a “do it yourself” client wishes to purchase strong pest control products in Montreal at our store, we always make it very clear how to use the product to assure the job is done properly and no harm comes to the user.

When creepy crawlers invade or threaten to invade your home, then it is vital that you immediately get control of the situation. Such pests come in a variety of forms, thankfully there are numerous household pest control insecticides to help exterminate them. No one should have to live with a constant pest problem. You can take firm and decisive action to rid your home of them once and for all.

Specific versus general insecticides

Insecticides are powerful chemicals used to smother and kill insects of all kinds. They are all specially formulated to target and kill specific bugs. Cockroach insecticide, for example, is designed and formulated to help you bring your roach problem under control quickly.

On the other hand be dealing with a more general problem involving different kinds of insects in and around the house. A general household insecticide in that case is more appropriate as it will have been made to destroy a wider variety of insects and thus the best product to buy in these types of cases.

Then there are those products that have been formulated to help solve one of the most annoying bug-problems a homeowner or hotel/motel owner can have…bed bugs!

Bed bug insecticide

Having a problem with bed bugs sounds antiquated—like something that belongs to the last century. However, bed bugs can sprout up from a variety of sources.

Like most insects they prefer to settle in warm, dry spaces. Chances are there are fewer warmer or dryer spaces in your house than on your bedroom, and this is where these critters become a major problem. Bedbugs are often found in bedrooms and living rooms because they like to be close to their food sources…humans. When you fall asleep at night you could find yourself sharing the covers with more than your partner! Bed bugs can crawl and bite you out of successive days of sleep. So, it is best to deal with them immediately and decisively.

Bed bug insecticide and good habits are ultimately the only way to put an end to the existence of these bugs in your home and bedroom.

As summer approaches, bugs and insects of all different types will begin springing up everywhere, it is only natural. Many of them will head for your home, which provides an excellent source of food and protection for them and their survival.

The best pest control product depends greatly on the nature of your pest problem. You should take care to understand the kinds of bugs that have invaded your home. Once you have identified the species of insect, you will be able to purchase the chemical weapon needed to destroy it.

Acting now can save you a great deal of trouble and grief later on. Insects breed at an incredibly fast rates. If you do not destroy any growing colonies of roaches, ants, and bed bugs that have lodged themselves in your home early in the season, the number of such creatures in and around your home will only increase over the summer. Inaction will only lead to greater grief and a harder problem to solve later on.

To solve these issues, it is best to use the services of an experienced exterminator, however, if you wish to get rid of bugs in and around your home on your own then come to our shop as against your local hardware store. We carry only the best insecticides and pest control products in Montreal and we will be able to help you to maximize their effectiveness.